Date / Time

9:00 am 16/02/2021 -

5:00 pm 17/02/2021

This is the inaugural research retreat for the Life Course Centre, commencing in 2021.

The two-day retreat is critical in establishing relationships, research teams and research agendas for the new Centre over the next seven years.

Collaborating universities include The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney.

Each Life Course Centre node will hold a “local” retreat over two days. This will be an opportunity to bring together everyone attached to each node for two days of research planning. Over the two days, there will also be a number of “whole of Life Course Centre” sessions to be conducted by via zoom. This Retreat is one of the key events to kick off the new Centre and will be instrumental in helping research teams develop. It will be a hybrid model multi-node retreat that will involve a combination of nodal meetings (face-to-face where possible) as well as inter-node online presentations and discussions.

Key objectives are:

• Research discussions and collaboration
• Networking time to get to know each other
• Presentations about big picture vision and goals of the new centre