Date / Time

9:00 am 06/06/2018 -

5:00 pm 06/06/2018


Charles Perkins Centre


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PAKDD workshop on “Big Data Analytics for Social Computing (BDASC’18)”, is to be held in conjunction with 22nd Pacific-Asian Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD’18).

Big data is heralded as a powerful new resources for social science research and business analytics. The excitement around big data (e.g., social media data, health-care data or business data) emerges from the recognition of the opportunities it may offer to advance our understanding of human behavior and social phenomenon in a way that has never been possible before. In specific areas of social investigation, these different types of big data will often require analytical approaches which are vital for undertaking appropriate analyses. This workshop is organized to highlight a big data revolution underway in social science research, and it is critical for the researchers to consider the increased availability of new types of data which is not only large-scale in quantity but also complex in its characteristics.