The 2021 Australian Gender Economics Workshop, hosted by the Women in Economics Network will be held virtually from Monday the 8th – Tuesday 9th February 2021.

The aim of AGEW is to foster a community of economic researchers who can collectively contribute to the evidence base needed to guide the pursuit of more gender equitable outcomes in society. AGEW2021 will include a program of research presentations, keynote speakers and a policy symposium session which will draw together insights, implications and solutions delivered by the research papers. You can view the program here.

Over the last four years, the annual workshop has built and widened a professional, supportive and collegiate community. A community that has a shared goal of a deeper understanding of not only what drives gender inequality in our society and economy, but what works to reduce inequalities that exist and persist today. So many international colleagues are able to join our workshop this year and that there is a critical mass of students presenting papers over the two days. Two exceptional keynote speakers will be presenting – Professor Yana Rodgers from Rutgers University and Professor Lata Gangadharan from Monash University. Yana will be speaking on the very timely topic on the role that the care sector can play in leading the COVID-19 recovery, and Lata will be sharing her insights on the role gender plays in decision making. The policy symposium this year will be anchored by new findings from a randomised control trial on the role of mentoring in retaining women economic students, and very knowledgeable panellists Alison Booth, Wendy Carlin, Leonora Risse and Justin Wolfers will be asked their thoughts on how should we educate the next generation of economists?  And importantly, how do we get more women involved?

Life Course Centre’s Dr Jordy Meeks from the University of Melbourne will be presenting in Session 6A on Tuesday 9th February at 3pm AEDT.

There is a plethora of insightful new research to learn about – from the impact of bushfires on domestic violence to the effects of parental leave policies on economic growth. Do men and women persuade differently? And what’s the impact of having lots of multiple choice questions on gender differences in mathematics?  There are some big questions and issues and very clever ways of answering these in this years workshop.

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