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12:00 pm 02/12/2020 -

1:00 pm 02/12/2020


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Life Course Centre Director Professor Janeen Baxter will feature in the next instalment of the Women in Research ‘Small Wins’ webinar series on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

This webinar will focus on the importance of resilience. How do you move on when a paper you have worked for three years on is rejected, and the reviewers have identified fatal flaws? How do you get over it when your grant proposal is rejected? How do you bounce back and persist when you are overlooked once again for a promotion, or if you are still on a temporary contract after multiple years?

Being an academic is a really tough job. We all know this! One way to deal with the situation is to avoid going for things, and to stay in your comfort zone (sometimes referred to as “the competency trap”). But, as ARC Laureate Sharon Parker will discuss, while this strategy might help you avoid anxiety and perform well in the short term, it is unlikely to generate success in the long term. It is far better to build up your resilience, and set stretch goals.

In the third instalment of our Small Wins webinar series, Professor Parker discusses research on resilience, as well as some of her personal experiences. She will be joined by ARC Laureate Fellow Alexandra Aikhenvald (James Cook University) and ARC Centre Director Janeen Baxter (University of Queensland), who will each share challenges they have experienced, how they handled these challenges, as well as how they help others to be resilient.

Participants will have the opportunity to virtually share tips with each other, and ask the guests questions, and will also be encouraged to set a goal for a “small change” to try between this and the next seminar.