Date / Time

11:00 am 09/10/2018 -

1:30 pm 09/10/2018


Seminar 201, Level 2 - Cycad Building #1018, Long Pocket


The University of Queensland, Saint Lucia QLD, Australia

The University of Queensland, Saint Lucia QLD, Australia

RSVP by 05 October, 2018.


Australia values the central role of education in building a democratic, equitable and just society. In this seminar, we briefly explain how to build a large linked dataset that facilitates research focussing on the improvement of the educational and life outcomes of young Australians. Using these data and recent education policy changes, we outline examples of how pre-school participation, a preparatory year, and additional years of high school help to improve educational outcomes and reduce anti-social behaviour in our community. Finally, we show how a model of relative birthdate and in-school behaviour can be used to reveal who needs extra help at school and guidance down the pathway to a successful life.

Following the seminar a light lunch will be served, followed by a dedicated Q&A session focused on how these data might be used to tackle key policy questions.

Dr Matteo Sandi is a Research Economist in the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. His primary fields of interest are the economics of education, crime, and migration. He holds a PhD & MSc in Economics from the University of Sussex and a BSc Economics from the Catholic University of Milan.

Dr Tony Beatton is an LCC Research Fellow affiliated with the Institute for Social Science Research at The University of Queensland. After a 30-year career in the Information Technology industry, Tony completed a PhD in the Economics of Happiness. Using Big Data, his research focusses on Improving the Education and Outcomes of Young Australians over the Life Course.