Date / Time

9:00 am 30/03/2017 -

12:00 pm 30/03/2017


Telethon Kids Institute, Roberts Road, Subiaco WA, Australia

Telethon Kids Institute, Roberts Road, Subiaco WA, Australia

Professor Jack Shonkofff, Director of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University presented the keynote at this seminar in Western Australia.

The panel included Colin Pettit, the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA, Professor Sven Silburn, Professor Cate Taylor, Stephen Cohan and Jenni Collard

This topic bears particular relevance to a consultation the Commissioner’s office conducted in 2016 with 92 young people who had been in contact with youth justice services. These young people reported that a key reason behind their offending behaviour was dysfunction in their families and a lack of boundaries at home. Sometimes their parents could not provide for their basic needs, such as food and clothing, forcing them to steal to survive.

Supporting parents who face disadvantage and adversity is an important step in preventing children and young people becoming vulnerable themselves, and these sorts of discussions are important in improving the supports agencies provide.

The Commissioner commended Telethon Kids Institute for bringing Professor Shonkoff to Western Australia and congratulated the Institute on a successful seminar.