Published: April 29, 2019

Download: Life Course Centre Working Paper: 2019-09


Ruth Lute Faleolo

Non-Technical Summary:

My PhD study focuses on the well-being of Samoan and Tongan groups living in, and moving between, Auckland and Brisbane. This research seeks to capture the voices, perceptions and experiences of these migrants using a mixed methods approach (both qualitative and quantitative data) that incorporates indigenous research methods (Pacific Island frameworks based on cultural knowledge and protocols). This working paper presents a review of literature that is relevant to the focus of the PhD study, concentrating on the Pasifika diaspora in Auckland and Brisbane. This paper is the third of a three-part literature review: (1) Pasifika diaspora; (2) Pasifika well-being; and (3) Pasifika methodology.

The existing literature that considers Pasifika methods and methodology is extensive, providing approaches that are relevant to the Pasifika diaspora communities based in Australia and New Zealand. However, as highlighted by this review, there is often a misconstrued use of Pasifika methods and misconception of Pasifika methodology when applied without the cultural and social reasonings that go together with these research approaches. This paper contributes to a much-needed dialogue about the correct application of indigenous methodology, often overlooked by those researching indigenous peoples. This paper highlights important considerations, specific to the Samoan and Tongan diaspora groups in Australia and New Zealand. It introduces researchers to Pasifika methods and methodology and suggests guidelines for the use of these research approaches, in a culturally and socially responsive way.


April 29, 2019