Published: January 29, 2020

Sanders, M. R., & Turner, K. M. T. (2019). The Triple P System: Parenting support for every family. In B. H. Fiese, M. Celano, K. Deater-Deckard, E. N. Jouriles, & M. A. Whisman (Eds.), APA handbooks in psychology®. APA handbook of contemporary family psychology: Family therapy and training (p. 409–424).


Matthew Sanders and Karen Turner.


This chapter documents the evolution of the Triple P—Positive Parenting Program system of parenting support, a comprehensive population based approach, and its application. It begins by describing the triple P multilevel intervention system and the central role of self-regulation as an organizing framework for our approach to supporting parents. The chapter then provides a rationale for the blending of universal and targeted interventions into a multilevel suite of interventions and the criteria that have to be met for such a multilevel approach to work in reducing the prevalence of targeted child problems. It discusses the core principles and techniques of positive parenting used in Triple P, the evidence supporting the application of the intervention model through various delivery systems, the Triple P Implementation framework, and key points learned from large-scale rollouts of the system. The chapter concludes with a discussion of challenges and future directions for population based parenting support.