Published: March 3, 2020

Mazerolle, L., Cherney, A., Eggins, E., Higginson, A., Hine, L., & Belton, E. (2020). PROTOCOL: Police programs that seek to increase community connectedness for reducing violent extremism behaviour, attitudes and beliefs. Campbell Systematic Reviews16(1), e1076.


Lorraine Mazerolle, Adrian Cherney, Elizabeth Eggins, Angela Higginson, Lorelei Hine, and Emma Belton.


Community engagement and connectedness are identified as potential mitigating factors for those at risk of engaging in violent extremism. Police have a critical role in promoting social inclusion and social connectedness and thereby preventing violent extremism. Thus, it is essential to understand the effectiveness of policing programs aimed at promoting community connectedness and their impact on reducing violent extremism. To date, there has been no systematic synthesis of the evaluation evidence for these policing approaches and their impact on violent extremism. This is the protocol for a review that will include any policing intervention that aims to promote community connectedness. The present proposed review is necessary to ascertain whether policing interventions that seek to promote community connectedness are effective for reducing violent extremism behaviour, attitudes and beliefs.