Published: July 5, 2019

Côté, R. R., Huang, X., Huang, Y., & Western, M. (2018). Immigrant network diversity in the land of the fair go. Journal of Sociology, 1440783318817684.


Rochelle R Côté, Xianbi Huang, Yangtao Huang, and Mark Western


Using data from a first national Australian survey of networks, this article explores factors linked with differential diversity of immigrant social capital. Past international research shows that ethnic minorities have less diverse social capital, an important resource for securing opportunities and getting ahead. A similar research focus has not existed so far in Australia. This article explores social capital in Australia, focusing on immigrants from different world regions. Findings show significant inequalities in social capital across immigrants and that time spent in Australia does not improve these inequalities when compared with those who are native-born. Conclusions posit the need for a greater focus on social capital and ethnic inequality in Australia.