Published: January 13, 2020

Botha, F., Booysen, F., & Wouters, E. (2019) “Family Functioning and Economic Status”, in Family Matters: Family Cohesion, Values and Strengthening to Promote Wellbeing, eds. Zitha Mokomane, Benjamin Roberst, Jare Struwig, and Steven Gordon, pp. 45-60. Pretoria: HSRC Press.


F Botha, F Booysen, and E Wouters.


There has been considerable controversy and debate in South Africa (and elsewhere) in recent years over an apparent crisis of the family, including appeals for a return to “traditional” family values. To promote a better understanding of this supposed crisis, Family Matters draws on public opinion data to explore the diverse realities of contemporary family life in South Africa and support appropriate policy responses.