Published: June 6, 2018

Plage, S., Perales, F., & Baxter, J. (2016). Doing gender overnight?: Parenthood, gender and sleep quantity and quality in Australia. Family Matters, (97), 73.


Stefanie Plage, Francisco Perales, and Janeen Baxter.


The importance of sleep for individuals in all life-course stages cannot be underestimated. Sleep affects physical and mental health, workrelated productivity, and longevity, among other things (see e.g., Grandner, Hale, Moore, and Patel, 2010; Lamberg, 2004; Leproult and Van Cauter, 2010; Taheri, Lin, Austin, Young, and Mignot, 2004). Hence, the promotion of healthy sleeping habits is a fundamental pillar of public health strategies to improve population wellbeing (Altevogt and Colten, 2006). In Australia, the annual direct and indirect costs of poor sleep amount to over $5 billion (Hillman and Lack, 2013). Yet, we know surprisingly little about the social determinants of sleep in contemporary Australia.