Expensive Childcare and Short School Days = Lower Maternal Employment and More Time in Childcare? Evidence from the American Time Use Survey

Tags: Children, Early Childhood, Employment, Family, Gender, Parenting

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Preventing Domestic Violence by Changing Australian Gender Relations: Issues and Considerations

Tags: Policy, Relationships, Violence

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Self-Control: Determinants, Life Outcomes and Intergenerational Implications

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The reciprocal relationship between depressive symptoms and employment status

Tags: Employment, Gender, Mental Health

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Stress Proliferation? Precarity and Work–Family Conflict at the Intersection of Gender and Household Income

Tags: Employment, Gender, Health, Mental Health

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Truancy intervention and violent offending: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial

Tags: Adolescence, Crime, Education, Interventions, Policy

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Parental Financial Transfers: Do They Vary by Children's Sexual Orientation?

Tags: Children, Family, Gender, Parenting, Relationships

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