Sources of Ethnicity Differences in Non-Cognitive Development in Children and Adolescents

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Beds in car parks don’t solve Australia’s rough sleeping problem

Tags: Homelessness, Housing, Interventions, Policy, Poverty

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Gender linked fate explains lower legal abortion support among white married women

Tags: Gender, Health, Policy

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Racial discrimination and the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: Does the timing of first exposure matter?

Tags: Children, Early Childhood, Mental Health

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No evidence for a protective effect of education on mental health

Tags: Adolescence, Education, Health, Mental Health, Policy

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Beyond Graduation: Socio-economic Background and Post-university Outcomes of Australian Graduates

Tags: Education

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The pervasive effects of timing of parental mental health disorders on adolescent deliberate self-harm risk

Tags: Adolescence, Children, Family, Health, Mental Health, Parenting, Policy, Relationships

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Developmental transitions during adulthood and neighborliness: A multilevel cluster analysis

Tags: Neighbourhoods

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