Fostering intentions to attend school: Applying the theory of planned behaviour to shape positive behavioural intentions in a cohort of truanting youths

Tags: Adolescence, Children, Crime, Education, Interventions

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Pathways of Disadvantage: Unpacking the Intergenerational Correlation in Welfare

Tags: Adolescence, Family, Intergenerational, Welfare

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Locus of Control and Investment in Training

Tags: Employment

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Discursive tensions: Outcomes and rights in educators’ accounts of children’s relaxation

Tags: Children, Early Childhood, Policy

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New mothers and social support: A mixed-method study of young mothers in Australia

Tags: Adolescence, Family, Gender, Parenting, Policy, Relationships

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Who's declining the “free lunch”? New evidence from the uptake of public child dental benefits

Tags: Adolescence, Children, Family, Health, Interventions, Policy, Welfare

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Financial Autonomy among Emerging Adults in Australia

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