The people who make up the Life Course Centre are committed to understanding and overcoming the problems of disadvantage, and to helping improve the lives of disadvantaged children and families.

The Life Course Centre’s major resource is our people – our researchers, students and partners.

Our researchers are national and international leaders in their respective fields. They represent the diversity of disciplines needed to address the multifaceted problem of disadvantage. Their shared approaches and expertise in the fields of economics, sociology, criminology, statistics, psychology and advanced statistics positions them on disciplinary boundaries. This translates to a highly collaborative research environment in which to deal with deep and persistent disadvantage and yield the specific information needed for building new knowledge.

Working together on an integrated research program, they are:

  • mapping and gaining an understanding about the mechanisms of disadvantage found nationally and internationally
  • investigating what works in reducing and preventing disadvantage
  • developing and trialling innovative solutions to the problem of disadvantage to enhance the life outcomes for children and families.

As well as bridging disciplines, our researchers come from many different sectors and educational institutions. This unique multi-disciplinary approach and breadth of perspectives is critical to the Life Course Centre’s focus on developing practical real-world solutions to the many complex problems associated with disadvantage.