The Life Course Centre Working Paper Series is one of our major tools for engaging with stakeholders in policy and practice, research and the community. It provides a mechanism for researchers to share their findings in a timely and accessible way that does not prohibit subsequent publication in peer-reviewed journals. It allows us to bring the very latest research in social disadvantage directly to the people with the best chance of putting this research in practice, and creating effective change. The Working Paper Series has demonstrated outstanding reach and impact. Examples of this include the 2018 Productivity Commission Report, where numerous Working Papers were cited, and the 2017 Children’s Rights Report, which drew upon student-led Working Papers.

As a demonstration of the value of this series to the Life Course Centre’s mission, we have introduced the Working Paper Series Award. The Award aims to encourage the on-going publication of high-quality research on social disadvantage over the life course that contributes substantially to the knowledge base and/or has high potential for impact on policy and practice. The Award is open to all Life Course Centre researchers, students and affiliates. All papers published in the 2019 calendar year are eligible for consideration, and up to four awards of $4,000 each will be granted. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.

We use a range of communications channels in order to ensure that the latest research in social disadvantage reaches the broadest range of readers. Our Media and Communications Officer will liaise with Working Paper authors when a suitable channel is identified for your work. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Promotion via social media
  • Media releases in conjunction with the relevant university
  • Targeted media items in professional publications such as The Mandarin
  • Clearing house websites such as the Australian Policy Observatory
  • News items on the Life Course Centre website
  • Inclusion in the Life Course Centre Digest

We welcome contributions by Life Course Centre Research Fellows, Partner and Associate Investigators, students and Affiliates from across Institutions and disciplines, including our international collaborators. If you would like to become a Life Course Centre Affiliate, please refer to the Affiliate Program details. Guidelines on how to submit a manuscript to the Working Paper Series and the manuscript submission form can be found here.

For queries about the Working Paper Series, please contact the series editors, Sarah Johnson and Jack Lam: