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Life Course Centre Families Under Pressure Podcast Series

Families Under Pressure is a podcast series from the Life Course Centre that examines the pressures facing families and what can be done to better support children and families over their life course journey.

Teaser – Introducing Families Under Pressure

Episode 1 – Professor Janeen Baxter discusses the life course approach to addressing disadvantage

Episode 2 – Professor Steve Zubrick examines the importance of the early years of child development

Episode 3 – Professor Lorraine Mazerolle discusses the Ability School Engagement Partnership (ASEP) Project

Episode 4 – Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark explores the role of economics and human behaviour in life course outcomes

Episode 5 – Professor Matt Sanders and Dr Jenna McWilliam on rapid responses to families’ changing circumstances and needs

Episode 6 – Professor Matt Sanders and Dr Kylie Burke on the Every Family population trial of parenting support to disadvantaged families

Episode 7 – Professor Guyonne Kalb discusses the importance of policies that support parents to combine work and family responsibilities

Episode 8 – Professor Janeen Baxter and Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark outline new research directions for the Life Course Centre


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