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Families Under Pressure Podcast Series

Families Under Pressure is a podcast series from the Life Course Centre that examines the pressures facing families and what can be done to better support children and families over their life course. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. To add it, search for Families Under Pressure in your preferred podcast app:

Introducing Families Under Pressure

Episode 11
Never let a crisis go to waste: COVID-19 silver linings

Episode 10
Who experiences poverty in Australia and what can we do about it?

Episode 9
Every child, in every community, deserves a fair go

Episode 8
New research directions for the Life Course Centre

Episode 7
Supporting parents to combine work and family

Episode 6
The Every Family population trial of parenting support

Episode 5
Rapid responses to families’ changing circumstances

Episode 4
Economics, human behaviour and life course outcomes

Episode 3
The Ability School Engagement Partnership (ASEP) Project

Episode 2
The importance of the early years of child development

Episode 1
A life course approach to addressing disadvantage


Geographies of the Life Course Workshop 2021 – Day 2
29 April 2021

Geographies of the Life Course Workshop 2021 – Day 1
28 April 2021

Anti-Poverty Week Webinar October 2020:
‘Normal’ stresses and additional challenges arising from COVID-19

Anti-Poverty Week Webinar October 2020:
Factors associated with meal provision in early care and education (ECE) services