Published: July 2, 2019

The Life Course Centre and the Institute for Social Science Research at The University of Queensland has welcomed the latest intake of Winter Scholars.

As part of the UQ Winter Research Scholarship Program, the undergraduate scholars will gain valuable academic and professional experience by participating in a substantial piece of supervised research over the next four weeks.

Applications for UQ’s 2019/2020 Summer Research Program will open in late July 2019. For more details, visit here.


The current Winter Scholars at the Life Course Centre and ISSR, and their supervisors and the research projects they will be working on, are:

Ella Bond; Dr Caroline Salom; Analysis of illicit substance use in a regional setting.

Olivia Bayliss; Dr Sally Staton; Mealtimes Matter: Childcare as window into food insecurity and food socialisation in low-income communities.

Madeline Donaghy; Dr Paco Perales; How discrimination affects the lives of LGB people in Australia.

Zhaoxi Zheng; Dr Sandy Houen; Early Childhood Educators’ perspectives on children’s sleep, rest and relaxation.

Alexander Dornan-Lund; Dr Yangtao Huang; Inequalities in education and labour market outcomes among Australians from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Dzulfikaar Bin Sutandar; Dr Jack Lam; Population ageing and family dynamics in Australia.

Gabrielle Behm; Dr Shamsi Shekari; Investigation of legislations and strategies for improving sleep in young adults in Australia.

Martin Fahy; Dr Alicia Allan; Measuring sleep environments.

Max Heers; Dr Nam Tran; How growth mind-set can bridge the gap in academic achievement among highly disadvantaged students: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Brinda Taparia; Dr Joemer Maravilla; Multi-country of domestic and family violence among adolescents in low and middle income countries.

Archibald Hodge; Professor Janeen Baxter and Dr Jack Lam; Transition to young parenthood and impact on educational and employment aspirations.

Areeya Rungruangwanij; Dr Sara Kalucza; Lifecourse outcomes for young parent: when is early parenthood a problem?