Published: June 27, 2018

This article was originally published in August 2017.

Life Course Centre Senior Research Fellow Dr Cameron Parsell laments the lack of political will and policy action towards solving the issue of homelessness in Australia, and specifically in Sydney, New South Wales.

Martin Place, Sydney, has been the site of a ‘tent city’ for the past 12 months, bringing the plight of the homeless to the forefront in the minds of the general public and politicians, alike.

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 8 August, 2017, Parsell says, ‘Moving people on will do nothing whatsoever to address the problem. People are camping in Martin Place because we have insufficient affordable housing for them. The people may be inconvenient, but we need to respond to them by redressing the injustice that having no home represents. Bringing in the police to respond to poverty constitutes a threat to the values we hold as Australians.’

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