Published: April 9, 2021

Life Course Centre researchers from The University Queensland have secured funding from the New Zealand Government Ministry of Social Development to undertake new research on children and families and inform future policy development. The funding, received through the latest round of the Ministry’s Children and Families Research Fund, will support a research project led by Life Course Centre Director Professor Janeen Baxter and Research Fellow, Dr Jack Lam, and involving researchers at UQ’s Institute for Social Science Research and the School of Economics at the University of Sydney.

This project is titled ‘Parental Health and Children’s Psychosocial and Cognitive Development: New Evidence from the GUiNZ’. GUiNZ is the Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal study, the largest in the country. Managed by the Ministry of Social Development, GUiNZ collects information from more than 6,000 New Zealand children and families. The Children and Families Research Fund supports researchers to access GUiNZ data to undertake research that informs priority policy areas. It is open to applications from academics, government and non-government organisations. A total of eight new research grants were awarded through the fund in April 2021, with publicly available research reports from the grants expected to be completed by March 2022.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Social Development NZ Children and Families Research Fund.