Published: August 27, 2019

The Life Course Centre and the Institute for Social Science Research at The University of Queensland were pleased to host a recent visit by Professor Tim Maloney, Head of School of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Auckland University of Technology.

Tim is a Professor of Economics and also has a part-time role as Chief Economist at the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development. On his visit, he presented a seminar on ‘Administrative data and learning analytics’, which included case studies on the use of individual-level university admissions data. One study focussed on potential explanations for the relatively poor academic performance of three ethnic minority groups in their first year of university study. Another sought to empirically validate the use of a conventional summary measure of high school achievement in making university admissions and scholarship decisions. These examples demonstrated how data routinely collected as part of the university admission process can be used for better decision making, and highlighted the advantages of accessing more comprehensive administrative data. Tim also provided an overview of New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure, which could be the basis for future research in this area.

Pictured (from left) Professor Janeen Baxter, Life Course Centre; Professor Tim Maloney, Auckland University of Technology; Professor Mark Western, Institute for Social Science Research.