The dynamics of school truancy and welfare receipt

High school students who deliberately skip school are four to five times more likely to receive government welfare in early adulthood, according to a Life Course Centre Working Paper.

The study, the PhD thesis of Life Course Centre student Patricia Collingwood from The University of Queensland School of Social Science, is the first of ...

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Parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic is a unique challenge for all parents, caregivers and families. Children and parents are anxious, and families are under pressure like never before.

“There are a lot of questions people have about how to do this,” said Life Course Centre Chief Investigator Professor Matt Sanders, Director of the P...

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University of Sydney celebrates Life Course Centre funding success

The University of Sydney node of the Life Course Centre recently held a celebration to mark the funding of the Centre by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

The event, on Friday 13 March 2020, was attended by the University of Sydney’s three Life Course Centre Chief Investigators – Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark and Professor Agnieszk...

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Sexism and attitudes towards women’s reproductive autonomy in NZ

Although New Zealand has historically been at the forefront of women’s rights, gender inequities across various domains continue to endure – particularly relating to women’s reproductive autonomy.

This was a key message from a Life Course Centre seminar presented this month by Dr Yanshu Huang. Yanshu joined the Life Course Centre at th...

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Using neuroscience to better understand child poverty

Neuroscience could deliver valuable new insights into the experiences of childhood poverty, and the development of possible prevention and intervention programs to address it.

This is the finding of a new Life Course Centre Working Paper that examines the application of neuroscientific research methods, such as neuroimaging, neuroendoc...

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Examining the pathways linking welfare receipt across generations

The primary mechanism linking welfare receipt across generations in Australia is a failure to complete high school. In order to disrupt this, schools, communities and governments must find better ways to support the education of children in welfare-reliant families.

These are key findings from a Life Course Centre Working Paper that pr...

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How families ‘do’ resilience in times of recession – the Irish experience

Unpacking the puzzle of why Irish families stuck together in the face of the huge economic shock of the country’s deep recession of 2008-2011 is a key research question for Life Course Centre Visitor Dr Carmel Hannan.

A lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Ireland’s University of Limerick, Dr Hannan is currently visiting the Life...

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Life Course Centre Director joins CEDA Council on Economic Policy

Life Course Centre Director Professor Janeen Baxter has been appointed to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Council on Economic Policy.

The 20-member CEDA Council on Economic Policy comprises some of Australia's best and brightest policy minds and helps to guide CEDA's research agenda. In 2020, CEDA is celebrat...

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Global study finds almost one-third of school students bullied

Adolescent boys from lower socio-economic backgrounds are most likely to be the victims of bullying, according to the first comprehensive study of school bullying around the world.

The study, led by Life Course Centre researchers at The University of Queensland, investigated the prevalence of bullying victimisation during school years ...

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The ‘six Vs’ of big data provide the platform for responsible data science

Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability, Value, and Veracity. These are the ‘six Vs’ of achieving high-quality big data for responsible data science, as outlined by Dr Divesh Srivastava, Head of Database Research at AT&T Labs, the development division of the world’s largest telecommunications company AT&T.

Dr Srivastava this wee...

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