What is poverty, and does it need to be redefined?

By Laura Simpson Reeves

Poverty is a loaded term. How it is defined and operationalised is critical to policy and academic debates, as this is intertwined with explanations, causes, and possible solutions.

In both policy and scholarly discourse, the term ‘poverty’ has been viewed through an economic lens and has referred almost ...

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Turning ‘big brother’ surveillance into a helping hand to the homeless

Caption: Cairns has an extensive CCTV network, which as well as keeping homeless people under surveillance is sometimes used to help them. Andreina Schoeberlein/Flickr, CC BY-NC
Surveillance evokes fear of a “big brother” state watching our every move. The proliferation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in our cities and the e...

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The power of education in fighting poverty

Access to education improves wages, labour market outcomes, reduces youth crime and has the potential to lift people out of poverty.

This was a key message from a special workshop, ‘Education: the Panacea to Poverty?’ hosted by the Life Course Centre to mark Anti-Poverty Week 2018.

Presented by Dr Tony Beatton of The University ...

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How does racism impact on children’s health?

A new Life Course Centre Working Paper represents one of the first studies internationally on the impact of racism on children’s health across time.

Currently, most research looking at the relationship between racism and health has been focused on adults. Very few studies have examined how racism impacts on children’s health over time,...

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Anti-Poverty Week 2018: How do we help ‘the unlucky few’?

Australia is sometimes referred to as ‘the lucky country’ but it is also home to ‘the unlucky few’ caught in a cycle of poverty and deep and persistent disadvantage.

Anti-Poverty Week is an important opportunity to raise awareness of those experiencing poverty, not only in poorer countries throughout the world but also in wealthier cou...

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A Matter of Time: Fathers and Child Cognitive Outcomes

While most research on the association between parental time and children’s cognitive development has focused on the role of mothers, a new Australian study looks into the impact of the time fathers spend with their children.

The study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, finds that a father’s involvement in children’s upb...

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Enriching the rich? Do extracurricular activities lead to greater life outcomes?

Children from more advantaged families are more likely to participate in extracurricular out-of-school activities such as sport, music lessons or debating.

More advantaged youths also participate in a greater variety of organised extracurricular activities, whereas disadvantaged youths are more likely to participate only in sports.

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Parents need to tailor their time with children

For parents, it is not just a matter of spending time with children but also tailoring this time to fit their developmental needs over time.

This is a key finding of a new Life Course Centre Working Paper which examines the ‘developmental gradient’ of time investments in children.

The paper, authored by Martin O’Flaherty and Jan...

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What say does learning a second language have in a child’s development?

Parents who raise their children bilingual can be concerned that early exposure to two languages will lead to confusion, an inability to separate the languages, and a delay in cognitive development.

Underlying this concern is a belief that dual language learning in early childhood places additional burdens on language development, comp...

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UQ criminologist claims early career research award

Congratulations to Life Course Centre Research Fellow Dr Renee Zahnow who has been announced as a winner in the 2018 Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA).

Each year the ASSA honours Australians in the early part of their career who have achieved excellence in scholarship...

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