Life Course Research Affiliates are researchers, policymakers, and service providers who are leading areas of work or managing projects linked to the Life Course Centre.
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Dr Joan Abbott-Chapman Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania

Ms Amanda Acutt The University of Queensland

Professor Rosa Alati The University of Queensland

Dr Kadir Atalay The University of Sydney

Dr Francisco Azpitarte Raposeiras The University of Melbourne

Dr Bernard Baffour Australian National University

Professor Pau Baizan Pompeu Fabra University and Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA)

Professor Margaret S. Barrett School of Music, The University of Queensland

Professor Christopher F Baum Department of Economics and School of Social Work, Boston College

Ms Laura Bedford The University of Queensland

Dr Sarah Berens University of Cologne, Germany

Dr Aude Bernard The University of Queensland

Dr Kim Betts The University of Queensland

Mr Joshua Bon Institute for Social Science Research

Professor Lyndal Bond Victoria University, Melbourne

Dr Michelle Brady School of Social Science, The University of Queensland

Anne Ardila Brenøe  University of Zurich

Dr Barbara Broadway The University of Melbourne

Assistant Professor Paolo Brunori University of Bari, Italy

Dr Christian Brzinsky-Fay Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

Dr Sandra Buchler Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Professor Lisa Cameron  The University of Melbourne

Mr Tomas Cano Pompeu Fabra University & Autonomous University of Barcelona

Associate Professor Shannon Cavanagh  The University of Texas at Austin

Dr Andreas Cebulla The University of Adelaide

Dr Hayley Christian The University of Western Australia

Dr Rebecca Coates The University of Queensland

Ms Patricia Collingwood School of Social Science, The University of Queensland

Ms Gillian Considine The Smith Family

Professor Lyn Craig University of New South Wales

Dr Susan Creagh The University of Queensland

Professor Robert Crosnoe The University of Texas

David Cullen  National Disability Insurance Agency

Alexandra de Gendre   Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Mr Sean de Hoon  Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mr Nathan Deutscher  Australian National University

Dr Madonna Devaney  The University of Queensland

Dr Bridget Doherty  University of Tasmania

Dr Eric Dommers  Brotherhood of St Laurence

Dr Patrick Dunlop  The University of Western Australia

Associate Professor Ben Edwards Australian Institute of Family Studies

Dr Anne Evans The Australian National University

Dr Brad Farrant The University of Western Australia

Dr Jan Feld Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand

Dr Jason Ferris The University of Queensland

Mr Reuben Finighan The University of Melbourne

Dr Luz Adriana Florez Central Bank of Colombia, Colombia

Mr Edward Francmanis University of York, UK

Dr Barbara Elisabeth Fulda Technische Universitaet Chemnitz, Germany

Dr Edith Gray Australian National University

Professor Curt Hagquist Karlstad University, Sweden

Ms Anne Hampshire The Smith Family

Dr Emily Hansen School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania

Dr Paul Harnett The University of Queensland

Professor Brian Head The University of Queensland

Dr Stephanie Heger The University of Sydney

Associate Professor Belinda Hewitt The University of Melbourne

Professor David Hogan The University of Queensland

Dr Katrina Hopkins Telethon Kids Institute, WA

Dr Xianbi Huang La Trobe University

Dr M Mofizul Islam ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment

Dr Nikhil Jha The University of Melbourne

Dr Kim Jose Telethon Kids Institute and Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Professor Martin Karlsson   University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Dr Sonja Kassenboehmer Monash University

Mr Thomas King Department of Speech and Language Sciences, Newcastle University UK

Dr Markus Klein   University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Scotland

Dr Michael Kühhirt University of Cologne

Ms Inga Lass Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

Ms Helen Law  Australian National University

Dr Philipp Lersch University of Cologne, Germany

Dr Jinhu Li The University of Melbourne

Dr Tim Liao University of Illinois, USA

Associate Professor Yan Liu School of Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science The University of Queensland

Mr Eduardo Lucio The University of Queensland

Professor John Lynch The University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan School of Economics, The University of Queensland

Marco Mantovani University of Milan – Bicocca

Dr Anna Manzoni North Carolina State University, USA

Dr Astghik Mavisakalyan   Curtain University

Dr Arturo Martinez Jr. Asian Development Bank, Philippines

Dr Anilena Mejia Instituto de Investigaciones Cientificas y Servicios de Alta Tecnologia

Professor Paul Memmott The University of Queensland

Dr Silvia Mendolia University of Wollongong

Dr Silke Meyer The University of Queensland

Dr Timothy Moore Department of Economics, University of Melbourne

Professor Mark Moran The University of Queensland

Professor Karina Nilsson Umeå University, Sociology Department, Sweden

Associate Professor Therese Nilsson  Lund University, Sweden

Dr Melissa O’Donnell The University of Western Australia

Mr Andrew Oakley Department of Education, Tasmania

Professor Nancy A. Pachana  The University of Queensland

Professor Lionel Page Queensland University of Technology

Dr Alfredo R. Paloyo University of Wollongong

Dr Maree Petersen The University of Queensland

Dr Naomi Priest The University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Òscar Prieto-Flores   University of Girona, Spain

Dr Paula Protsch WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Research Unit: Skill Formation and Labour Markets

Professor Xiaochun Qiao   Peking University  China

Dr Tina Rampino  The University of Queensland

Dr Leonora Risse  RMIT University, Melbourne

Dr Richard Robinson The University of Queensland

Dr Michael E. Roettger  Australian National University

Dr Elise Sargeant The University of Queensland

Professor Peter Saunders Social Policy Research Centre

Dr Kevin T. Schnepel The University of Sydney

Dr Carrington Shepherd Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia

Dr Peter Siminski University of Wollongong

Professor Robert Slonim The University of Sydney

Dr Joel Stafford  Telethon Kids Institute, The University of Western Australia

Dr Emily Steele Department of Education and Training

Dr Katrien Stevens The University of Sydney

Professor Leslie Stratton Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Dr Tsui-o Tai National Taipei University, Taiwan

Ms Angelina Tang Institute for Social Science Research

Dr Maria Rita Testa Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Dr Claire Thibout The University of Melbourne

Dr Yi-Ping Tseng The University of Melbourne

Dr Wietse van de Lageweg Telethon Kids Institute, WA

Associate Professor Christa van Kraayenoord The University of Queensland

Professor Alison Venn Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Dr Sergi Vidal Centre for Demographic Studies

Dr Ha Vu  Deakin University

Ms Elizabeth Whittaker UNSW Medicine | University of New South Wales

Associate Professor Rebecca Wickes Monash University

Dr Linda-Dianne (Linda) Willis  The University of Queensland

Mr Clement Wong The University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Dan Woodman The University of Melbourne

Dr Myra Yazbeck University of Ottawa

Dr Jens Zinn The University of Melbourne

Dr Anna Zhu   RMIT University

Dr Aslan Zorlu University of Amsterdam, Netherlands