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12:00 pm 13/07/2021 -

2:00 pm 13/07/2021



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The Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland and the Life Course Centre proudly present a special online panel event, Thriving Futures for Kids and Families: The Role of Evidence-based Parenting and Family Intervention.

About the event 

We all have an interest in securing the social, economic and environmental future of our planet. While initiatives like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals may guide our way, these need to be translated into action.  As the core unit of social life, families play a vital role in this endeavour.

Modern families face a myriad of challenges.  Alongside the demands of home, work and school, they must navigate technological advancements, climate change, social inequality, lockdowns, uncertainty, and the “new normal”.  Many families are vulnerable, and all need support to do their best.

Evidence-based parenting and family interventions enable families to live well and create the future they want to see for themselves and their children. The question is, with so many challenges in front of us, what should be our priority, and what should we do?

This webinar brings together a multidisciplinary expert panel to discuss these questions.  Five panelists will explore how evidence-based parenting and family interventions can be used to tackle the issues facing children, families, society and the planet, and help build a thriving future for us all.


  • Professor Matthew Sanders – Life Course Centre Chief Investigator, world-leader in parenting research, and director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland.
  • Professor Donna Cross – Life Course Centre Chief Investigator, expert in school-based interventions, and Professor at University of Western Australia and Program Head of Development and Education at Telethon Kids Institute.
  • Professor Daryl Higgins – Expert in child maltreatment prevention, and director of the Institute of Child Protection Studies at Australian Catholic University.
  • Professor Sara Dolnicar – Leader in pro-social and pro-environmental behavioural insights, and ARC Australian Laureate Fellow at the Australian Institute for Business and Economics at The University of Queensland.
  • Professor Sophie Havighurst – Leading child and family clinical psychologist, and Professor of Psychiatry at University of Melbourne.


Madonna King – award-winning journalist, author and leader of public debate on issues pertaining to children, families

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