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12:00 pm 16/09/2021 -

1:00 pm 16/09/2021



This regularly held series presents research findings, and provides a forum for discussions on a broad range of topics relating to life course studies.

The Early Years Initiative (EYI) is a ten-year partnership of three WA state government departments (Health, Education and Communities) and the Minderoo Foundation with four partner communities.  It aims to co-design localised system-level change to improve child health, development and learning of children aged under 5 years.  Telethon Kids Institute is the EYI evidence partner.  In this role, we will evaluate the process of EYI implementation, and its impact on children, families and communities.  It is intended that findings from the evaluation will inform wider system change in WA.  The EYI Evaluation is a part of the Life Course Centre’s Places Program.  This session will outline the theoretical and policy contexts of the EYI and the multi-faceted mixed-methods evaluation being progressed by Telethon Kids Institute.  It will include consideration of additional research regarding economic evaluation of the EYI and the conditions necessary – at granular through to global levels – for effective social interventions at scale.

Rosemary Cahill is the EYI Evaluation’s Chief Investigator.  For a decade before joining Telethon Kids Institute in 2020, Rosemary was the Director of Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Numeracy at WA’s Department of Education.  Her career started with teaching and quickly progressed to applied research, policy development and the leadership of system-level initiatives within the WA schooling sector.  Bringing her past experience to her current role, Rosemary now occupies a fascinating professional space straddling research, policy and translation.

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