“The Life Course Centre will further our understanding of how disadvantage is transmitted within families and across generations and help translate research findings into practical solutions.”
Professor Janeen Baxter, Centre Director

Our Vision

To help disadvantaged children and families to achieve their life potential.

Our Benefit to Australia

Disadvantage contributes to escalating costs of government welfare payments and to poorer health, social exclusion and lack of autonomy. It is multi-faceted and experienced by Australians in deeply personal ways. If we can better understand people within their individual circumstances we can develop scalable and sustainable pathways out of disadvantage when it could otherwise become intractable. The Life Course Centre will cement Australia’s position in innovative, applied, multidisciplinary social research and deliver adaptive social interventions to optimise support for children and families.

Our Objectives

  • Break the cycle of disadvantage by designing personalised and community-based solutions, informed by life course theory and enabled through diverse disciplines.
  • Maintain national progress in the field by building on unprecedented systems and data access for the study of disadvantage.
  • Extend emerging developments in national policymaking through new collaborations that support evidence-informed action on the ground to address disadvantage.
  • Achieve international recognition for advancing research and interventions to address disadvantage in ways that are truly responsive to individual need.
  • Build Australian capacity in life course analytics and interventions supported by leading national and international scholars and cross-sectoral partnerships.

The Life Course Centre’s new Strategic Plan will be published here in mid-2021.