“The Life Course Centre will further our understanding of how disadvantage is transmitted within families and across generations and help translate research findings into practical solutions.”
Professor Janeen Baxter, Centre Director

The Life Course is investigating the critical factors underlying disadvantage to provide life-changing solutions for policy and service delivery. Our goal is to discover the causes and mechanisms of disadvantage, characterised by the spread of social and economic poverty within families and across generations, and to develop innovative solutions to reduce disadvantage.

To achieve this goal, the Life Course Centre aims to:

  • identify the drivers of deep and persistent disadvantage
  • develop and trial new solutions in policy and practice
  • train the next generation of research leaders
  • build capacity across government, researchers and non-government organisations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to leverage evidence-based research to develop new knowledge, technology and practices to benefit people living in disadvantage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify the mechanisms underlying the transmission of disadvantage across generations and within families over the life course, and to translate our findings to enable public and private industry organisations to deliver evidence-based policies and programs that will reduce deep and persistent disadvantage.

Our Strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • discover the principle causes or mechanisms underlying the transmission of social disadvantage
  • investigate which policies and practices work in preventing and reducing deep and persistent disadvantage
  • develop and trial solutions that will reduce the transmission of disadvantage across generations
  • provide policy advice and research evidence to Australian social-service agencies
  • build capacity through productive links with researchers, collaborators, and partners
  • provide research training and mentoring for graduate students and early career researchers
  • position the Life Course Centre at the forefront for international research and research translation on social disadvantage.