Piloting social interventions that lead to practical pathways out of disadvantage and transform human capabilities

research-transformationTranslating research based on a life-course approach remains an under-developed field. Small intervention programs for addressing disadvantage often underperform when instigated at a larger scale. These shortcomings can, in part, be addressed through a better understanding of social connections and how they serve to actively transmit deep and persistent disadvantage over the life course.

The Life Course Centre’s Social Transformation Research Program aims to improve life outcomes for children and families. It builds on the findings of the Disadvantage Systems and Human Capabilities research programs and identifies new integrated social interventions to trial. The goal is to influence the multiple dimensions of social disadvantage, and measure the effectiveness of each intervention at alleviating deep and persistent disadvantage.

Projects in this program:

  • determine the role of communities and social connectedness in building human capability and reducing deep and persistent disadvantage
  • target multiple dimensions of deep and persistent disadvantage through population-level social interventions.

Program Leader: Professor Lorraine Mazerolle