What makes for happy teenagers?


UQ Researcher Tony Beatton, along with Paul Frijters, has published new research on the changes in happiness among teenagers, in the Life Course Centre’s Working Paper series. Using their own child-specific scales, they measured the effects of personality and life satisfaction on the happiness of Australian children aged 9–14. Using a method that integrated the collection of… Read more »

Reduce truancy and improve outcomes: award for outstanding experimental field trial

ABILITY Team 2015v2

The Life Course Centre is proud to announce that our ABILITY School Engagement Program Trial (ASEP Trial) team, which includes Professor Lorraine Mazerolle, Dr Sarah Bennett, Dr Emma Antrobus and Dr Elizabeth Eggins, will receive the outstanding experimental field trial award by Division of Experimental Criminology of the American Society of Criminology in November 2017…. Read more »

Marian Vidal-Fernandez in conversation: ‘No Pass No Drive’ laws

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez

Life Course Centre research fellow Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez sat down with the American Economic Association (AEA) to talk about the poster she presented at their annual conference in Chicago last January. In her latest work studying ‘No Pass No Drive’ laws, she and her co-author Dr Rashmi Barua find that restricting access to driving licenses… Read more »

Supporting teenage parents

Newborn baby with young mother and father on white background

While the rate of births to teenage parents continues to decline in Australia, adolescent pregnancy and parenthood remain a social and public health concern. A new working paper from Life Course Centre researchers Ms Heidi Hoffmann and Dr Sergi Vidal describes the context of Australian teenage pregnancy and parenthood, and outlines some of the challenges… Read more »

Schools and career advice key to widening university participation


New research puts a spotlight on the value of school-based early interventions to increase university enrolments for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Two important school factors, the provision of career advice and positive school experiences, are shown to increase the likelihood that students from disadvantaged backgrounds will attend university. But not all career advice is equal…. Read more »

Closing the gap for childen suffering mental disorders

Depressed boy_LR_557x361

Recent research from the Life Course Centre highlights the importance of putting in place both preventive and remedial policies aimed at closing the gaps in mental health across different family forms. The research is based on data from the 2013/2014 Young Minds Matter survey, a survey completed by LCC collaborator, University of Western Australia (through… Read more »

Workshop on Child and Adolescent Development

Child Development

The University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Institute will be hosting a one-day workshop on the 14th of April 2016 at the University of Melbourne centered around recent empirical work in economics on child and adolescent development. Presentations The workshop will include invited presentations by: Kjell Salvanes, Department of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics Jenny Williams, Department… Read more »

Conversation with Marian Vidal-Fernandez

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez is a Life course Centre (LCC) research fellow and a senior lecturer in economics at The University of Sydney’s School of Economics. She is a labour economist who uses applied micro-econometrics to study policy-relevant issues in labor, education, and health. Her research focuses on the determinants human capital within disadvantaged children and… Read more »

Family formation and fertility timing with a focus on mental health

Sara Kalucza

Presentation summary: As a visitor to the Life Course Centre for the coming six months, Sara Kalucza will present her research and research interests with a focus on her work on mental health selection into parenthood (published 2015) and the relationship between mental health and teenage parenthood (work in progress).  She will also be glad… Read more »