What makes for happy teenagers?


UQ Researcher Tony Beatton, along with Paul Frijters, has published new research on the changes in happiness among teenagers, in the Life Course Centre’s Working Paper series. Using their own child-specific scales, they measured the effects of personality and life satisfaction on the happiness of Australian children aged 9–14. Using a method that integrated the collection of… Read more »

Telephone surveys should include mobiles and landlines


The Queensland preventative health survey is conducted annually by telephone. This survey is important in informing public health policy, and in targeting and promoting healthy lifestyle strategies in that State. It is a cost-effective way to collect this information; until recently, a random sample was produced from a list of landline telephone numbers produced by… Read more »

Medicare rebate freeze is not the answer


Since assuming his new role in January this year, health minister Greg Hunt has been working to balance the Medicare budget while simultaneously receiving calls from organisations such as the Australian Medical Association to scrap the controversial freeze on the Medicare rebate indexation. Medicare co-payments and freezing Medicare rebates have been the tools used by… Read more »

Closing the gap for childen suffering mental disorders

Depressed boy_LR_557x361

Recent research from the Life Course Centre highlights the importance of putting in place both preventive and remedial policies aimed at closing the gaps in mental health across different family forms. The research is based on data from the 2013/2014 Young Minds Matter survey, a survey completed by LCC collaborator, University of Western Australia (through… Read more »

Is the focus on food desserts fruitless? Retail access and food purchases across the socioeconomic spectrum


Presenter: Assistant Professor Jessie Handbury, Real Estate Department of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Despite an absence of causal evidence showing that limited access to healthy foods is to blame for unhealthful consumption, policies aimed at improving poor diets by improving access are ubiquitous. In this paper, we use novel data describing both the healthfulness of… Read more »

Partnership and fertility histories influence health in later life


Demography, one of the world’s leading social science journals, has published a Life Course Centre working paper, The family life course and health: Partnership, fertility histories, and later life physical health trajectories in Australia.  This study is the first to consider how a combined classification of marital and fertility histories over a long period of… Read more »

Conversation with Marian Vidal-Fernandez

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez is a Life course Centre (LCC) research fellow and a senior lecturer in economics at The University of Sydney’s School of Economics. She is a labour economist who uses applied micro-econometrics to study policy-relevant issues in labor, education, and health. Her research focuses on the determinants human capital within disadvantaged children and… Read more »

Research on Childhood into Lifelong Health and Welfare – the Umeå SIMSAM Lab

Karina Nilsson

In Sweden, the access to population data, which is individual, longitudinal and with possibilities to link different life domains, create new opportunities for life course research. The presentation will both describe Swedish register data and ongoing research within the Umeå SIMSAM Lab. We have since 2008 built a network of researchers from a multitude of disciplines, with the… Read more »

Workshop on early childhood and adolescence: Interventions to improve parenting, health, and behavioural outcomes


This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners who are involved in early childhood or adolescence interventions that aim to improve children’s health and behaviours and/or parenting skills. The workshop will be an informal gathering in which current Australian initiatives, specifically initiatives from the greater Sydney area, and some international initiatives are being discussed. The workshop… Read more »

Family formation and fertility timing with a focus on mental health

Sara Kalucza

Presentation summary: As a visitor to the Life Course Centre for the coming six months, Sara Kalucza will present her research and research interests with a focus on her work on mental health selection into parenthood (published 2015) and the relationship between mental health and teenage parenthood (work in progress).  She will also be glad… Read more »