How does early TV consumption impact on children’s development?


A new LCC Working Paper by Dr Michael Kühhirt and Dr Markus Klein explores social stratification in TV consumption during early childhood and its consequences for children’s cognitive and behavioural development. The paper answers three important questions: Are there differences in the growth of children’s weekly television consumption from age two to age four depending… Read more »

How does family income impact child mental health?


Life Course Centre researcher Dr Francisco (Paco) Perales, and colleagues Dr Rasheda Khanam and Dr Son Nghiem, have together published a new Working Paper entitled ‘Sources of Variation in the Income Gradient in Child Mental Health: Evidence from Australia’. Their paper adds to our understanding of how family income affects children’s health, by examining the… Read more »

Access to opportunity to break the cycle of disadvantage


At the International Life Course Conference 2017, we had a wide range of presentations from both academics and from our industry partners. From the Australian Government, we welcomed Dr Margot Clifford from the Department of Social Services, Cheryl Hopkins from the Department of Education and Training, and Melissa Carney from the Department of Employment for… Read more »

Intergenerational disadvantage


Life Course Centre researchers, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Sarah C. Dahmann, Nicolás Salamanca and Anna Zhu have been in the news as a result of a working paper recently published in the LCC’s Working Paper Series:’ Intergenerational Disadvantage: Learning about Equal Opportunity from Social Assistance Receipt‘. Read more about their work in an article in The Canberra Times, ‘”Staggering”: Young people… Read more »

Income and the developing brain – the first three years


By Susan Prior When I sit down to talk to Professor Greg Duncan, Partner Investigator at the Life Course Centre (LCC) and Distinguished Professor at the University of California Irvine, my first question is ‘Tell me a bit about yourself’. He pauses, draws breath, and answers with a smile, ‘Well, ––’ he says, ‘I’m old.’… Read more »

House prices and unemployment rates can affect progress towards a degree


  Life Course Centre Research Fellow Professor Leslie Stratton has released a working paper on the link between housing prices, unemployment, disadvantage and progress towards a degree. In her working paper summary, Professor Stratton explains that when young men and women contemplating college consider the costs of doing so (both the direct costs, and the… Read more »

The inequality you can’t change that lasts a lifetime


Tina Rampino, The University of Queensland; Mark Western, The University of Queensland, and Wojtek Tomaszewski, The University of Queensland If you’re a healthy white man, live in the city and come from a wealthy family chances are you’ll be better off than someone with a different ethnicity, gender, or location. We found it’s factors like… Read more »

Moving the homeless on is not a solution


Life Course Centre Senior Research Fellow Dr Cameron Parsell laments the lack of political will and policy action towards solving the issue of homelessness in Australia, and specifically in Sydney, New South Wales. Martin Place, Sydney, has been the site of a ‘tent city’ for the past 12 months, bringing the plight of the homeless… Read more »

Positive parenting holds the key


The circumstances into which we are born can influence our lives right through to adulthood. Research has shown that children born into a poor family environment often have poorer health, and a poorer education, which in turn can effect employment prospects and income in adult life. Therefore, suggests Life Course Centre Partner Investigator Dr Orla… Read more »

Supporting teenage parents

Newborn baby with young mother and father on white background

While the rate of births to teenage parents continues to decline in Australia, adolescent pregnancy and parenthood remain a social and public health concern. A new working paper from Life Course Centre researchers Ms Heidi Hoffmann and Dr Sergi Vidal describes the context of Australian teenage pregnancy and parenthood, and outlines some of the challenges… Read more »