The Life Course Centre is currently undertaking a range of projects across its three programs of research.


Research Program 1: Disadvantage Systems

Project 1.1: Family dynamics of disadvantage

  • Gendered consequences of life-course transitions
  • Home relocations and children’s development
  • Multigenerational disadvantage in Australia

Project 1.2: Social and economic mobility

  • Early signs of exceptional upward mobility
  • Effect of parental labour on children’s outcomes
  • International intergenerational mobility and inequality
  • Pension decisions during the financial crisis
  • Salvos social welfare research

Project 1.3: Integrated intergenerational data

  • Analysis of longitudinal administrative data
  • Statistical inference

Project 1.4: Complex disadvantage models

  • Small area estimation of disadvantage
  • Defining and measuring multiple disadvantage


Research Program 2: Human Capabilities

Project 2.1: Caring for children’s capabilities

  • Intergenerational transmission of stress
  • Language stability and change
  • Scoping for talent among the poor

Project 2.2: Inherited educational outcomes

  • Parental engagement and children’s education outcomes
  • Student mobility in Australia
  • Understanding success: expectations in higher education

Project 2.3: Intergenerational welfare dependency

  • Locus of control and intergenerational welfare dependence
  • Randomised control trial of morbidly obese people
  • Intergenerational correlation of income support


Research Program 3: Social Transformation

Project 3.1: Communities overcoming disadvantage

  • ABILITY Truancy Trial
  • Chronic family stress and socio-economic disadvantage
  • Risk and protective pathways in Aboriginal justice
  • Crime and disorder in community context

Project 3.2: Targeting Australian disadvantage – Are parenting and outcomes linked?

  • Effect of parental education on children
  • Medical costs of adverse childhood experiences
  • Parenting population trial